Arwah Noni Belanda (2019)

film keren terbaru tahun ini dengan nama Arwah Noni Belanda (2019) di tayangkan pada tanggal 2019-05-02 di negara INA film ini menarik karena terdapat banyhak aktoro dan artis terkenal seperti , , , , film Arwah Noni Belanda (2019) mengusung tema yang di stutradarai oleh dengan durasi kurang lebih Min dan dengan kualitas

In Batavia in 1834 lived Hellen Van Stolch. Hellen was the only daughter of a Dutch-German landlord who had a large plantation: Jacob Van Stolch. The tragic story that she experienced made her spirit remain detained in earth until now, One day her story is present in the subconscious world of Sarah Astari, a novelist who is working on a horror story. At first Sarah does not know the dimension friction. She only considers it a nightmare, but then everything change when terror after terror is carried out by the spirit of Hellen Van Stolch against Sarah and her family.

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Duration: Min


Release Date: 2019-05-02